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We all need somebody to book shows

March 28, 2011

If you scroll down, you’ll see a ridiculous list of places that we’d like to go this summer. But no timeframe. Well here we are with a timeframe. We’re looking at June 22-July 13/16. So, if you can help, and you live in one of those places. Holler. I feel like this song is appropriate for this post.

There’s links to the bands we’re playing with on the right side over there ——————>


Take one with alcohol in the parking lot

March 17, 2011

Attn USA:

We plan on getting our affairs in order, and visiting all of our fine friends around the Country. Hopefully by the time we get around to hitting the road, we’ll have two 7″ records, a tape, and stickers etc. If you live in one of these cities, play in a band, book shows, or just wanna help us out? That would be super awesome.

Atlanta, GA
Greenville, SC
Wilmington, NC
Richmond, VA
Washington, DC
Baltimore, MD
Philadelphia, PA
New Brunswick, NJ
New York/Brooklyn, NY
Providence, RI
Boston, MA
Scranton, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
York, PA
Akron, OH
Columbus, OH
Cleveland, OH
Lansing, MI
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Bloomington, IN
Kansas City, MO
St. Louis, MO
Carbondale, IL
Nashville, TN
Birmingham, AL
Hattiesburg, MS
New Orleans, LA
Pensacola, FL

Phew. That’s a lot of places, and we probably won’t be able to get shows in all of them, and we already know people in a lot of the places, but having extra information never hurt anybody. It only enables better decision making. Yes this is extremely ambitious, but you might hit the moon if you don’t make it to the stars or something like that? This is all subject to change for sure,. We definitely want to visit Texas, Oklahoma, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, so many places. But seriously, if you have any help you can offer, comment on this post, or contact us at please.

Emergency Post

March 8, 2011

SPOIL from EP Films on Vimeo.

Earth is the place that we all call home, and for some reason our collective home is constantly under attack from the interests of capital, and that is a huge bummer as far as I’m concerned. What’s cool though is that there are people who have taken up the fight against those who would destroy our home. If for whatever reason, you feel unable to participate directly, there are still a ton of things you can do. I think we all know about curbing our energy consumption, so I’ll leave that little bit of information for later. What’s important is that here in Florida where we live, The Everglades are under attack (again). For some reason people constantly want to develop land that is home to so many individuals, all in the name of convenience.

So again if you’re looking for something to do, and you feel like doing a tree sit, and getting arrested isn’t for you, check out this website and see some ways that you can help keep Florida as it is now, and not let it be destroyed even more. There are tons of other ways to help, and some are more involved that others, and the effectiveness of each is up for debate, depending on who you talk to, but just know that you can do something.

In band news, we’re writing new songs, hopefully one will be as good as that movie, but probably not.

So you gave up all you were not lookin for

February 7, 2011

Why doesn’t this video have more views? It addresses some seriously important issues. Check it out and see what you think.

We’re playing a show tonight at the farside with this band called Daytrader They’re pretty awesome and it should be a fun time. We’re playing first, AT 8:00. Seriously. So if you want to see us show up on time, if you want to see the other bands who are all awesome, feel free to show up at 8:30.

We have a show Saturday night at the Warehouse on Gaines St. As well, and then a show Sunday in Gainesville, which might end up being a horrible disaster, but we’ll see how that works out when we get to it.

Time to go to work.

Aren’t we growing because of the same sun?

January 5, 2011

Our great pals in Crow’s Foot, and Wavelets came through last night, and we played one of the most fun shows I remember us playing together. We also played with this newer band in town called Jack Jackie, and they ruled. I’d say the night was an overall positive experience, good discussions happened, and some important topics were gone over, and I’m real stoked about that. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there is a world outside of our DIY/Punk/Hardcore/Whatever you want to call it community, a world full of problems, and that even within our community we have to deal with a lot of the same problems, and not just pretend that they’re not happening. I know this is terribly vague, but I’ve got a limited amount of time on the internet right now, so I can’t go into great detail, but suffice it to say that respect is the most important gift we can give each other.

Anyway We’re excited to go to Tampa, and see some familiar faces tomorrow. More updates as soon as Coolifornia gets internet maybe.

Because the night belongs to lovers, because the night belongs to us.

December 19, 2010

We’re in Gainesville right now. At least half of us are anyway. We played a show it was awesome. What’s more important is we hung out with a bunch of awesome people, and talked about a bunch of awesome stuff. Also Don’t ask, Don’t tell is almost officially over. We’re all about people being treated equally in Sleeping Spiders, even if we’re not all about capitalism, war mongering, nationalism, and a host of other incredibly selfish, short-sighted, and just plain wrong reasons for the military to exist. This is getting really tangential though the main point of this is that Patti Smith is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. For real. Go find Easter, and listen to it over and over again. That record is so good.

Show tomorrow night

December 8, 2010
That’s our friend Robbie. He plays in a band called Kadets. We’re playing a show with them tomorrow night. It’s going to be fun. We haven’t played a show in a while. Hopefully it’s warmer inside the farside than it is outside. amirite?

  • Upcoming shows

    June 21-July 13

    JUN 21 Atlanta, GA
    JUN 22 Asheville, NC @ The Get Down
    W/ Rubrics
    Old Flings
    JUN 23 Richmond, VA @Rock Garden
    W/ Run Forever
    Pedals on Our Pirate Ships

    JUN 25 Washington D.C.
    W/ Pahaa Verta (Finland)
    Ydinperhe (Finland)
    JUN 26 Philadelphia PA @ The Cracker Factory
    W CEASEFIRE!!!!!
    JUN 27 New Jersey
    JUN 28 Lindenhurst, NY @ The Sports Page
    W/ Sainthood Reps
    Crow Bait
    Shot Not
    JUN 29 Boston, MA
    JUN 30 Providence, RI @ Squid Amps
    W/ Sons of Young

    JUL 1 New Haven, CT @ Popeye's Garage
    End of a Year
    Football, Etc.
    JUL 2 York, PA/Binghamton, NY
    JUL 3 Erie, PA
    W/Rigged To Explode
    Shady Ave
    JUL 5 Sandusky, OH @ T(h)rash house
    W/ Robin Hood
    JUL 8 Chicago, IL @ Pancho's
    W Junior Battles
    Arcadia Hero
    JUL 11 Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton!
    JUL 12 Birmingham, AL @ God's Butt
    JUL 13 Hattiesburg, MS @1126 House
    JUL 15 Tallahassee, FL @The Farside

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