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So much fun.

July 2, 2011

We don’t even have time to update everyone back at home. We are all safe and (relatively) healthy. We miss you all. New England is a beautiful place. There are so many trees, and so many friendly people that we’ve gotten to meet. It also feels like November right now to us. Thanks so much to everyone that we’ve already met, and we’re still excited to meet all of our new friends in the midwest!


The sun’s shining over the James.

June 24, 2011

It’s morning in Richmond, and this city is turning into quite the experience. We got here, and it was kinda quiet, so we did some walking around, but it turns out EVERYTHING closes at 6:00 PM. We managed to sneak into a record store called Steady Sounds just before close for some sweet browsing. Sadley, (fortunately if you’re my bank account) there were no New Order records. Just being in the town where AVAIL, Strike Anywhere, Pg. 99, Inquisition, GULL(!!!!)and many many more bands are from is beyond cool. Or cool beyond words even.

I wish we had pictures posted to show you all the ridiculous things we’ve seen so far. We tossed animal crackers into each other’s mouths with Run, Forever. We saw Pedals on our pirate ships destroy in a basement. We played our first basement show ever! We get to the house we’ra staying at, and get to watch a juggling performance. The list goes on and on. I think a travel zine is in order for sure.

We did discover that our power steering doesn’t really feel like working, so we’ve had a slight hiccup, but fortunately we have the day off, and tomorrow is only DC which isn’t too far away. We might however, end up playing a show in Fredricksburg tonight. Life on the road is wild! So many cute dogs. I did get a cute picture of my cat though. I miss him a lot. If you’re in Tallahassee, go by my house and hang out with him for a few minutes.

This Music is my life

June 23, 2011

Tonight we palyed in Asheville, NC. It was the first time any of us had been in this city. I think it’s safe to say that we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. ‘We got to town and went straight to the venue, a place called The Get Down. We immediately felt at home after looking at some flyers that the owner had collected, like the one from a Rancid/88fingerslouie show. Or Dead Kennedys/Rites of Spring. Mindblowing. Then we went to pick up stuff to start dubbing our tapes. More on that later like when it actually gets done.

We walked to Harvest Records and checked out their awesome selection. It really made us all miss having a record store in the town where we live. Then we met up with Rubrics, and hung out at FIRESTORM (If only it was this firestorm) I wish I could afford to buy every book there. So much great information at our fingertips! Seriously, check this place out if you can.

The show was really fun too. I think we might have spent more time rearranging the marquee than actually playing, but we made some great friends, and sold our first shirt of everthe tour (Thanks Sara[h]). Old Flings was awesome, and I was dancing. I hope they come to Florida soon! Richmond tomorrow! We get to hang out with Run, Forever and Sundials again!


Get Jealous

June 1, 2011

We get to play with this band in DC. I’m so excited. This tour is going to be awesome!.

Also this band played at my house last night. My mind is still Blown. SIRS Check the tunes. Then pick up your brain off the floor. Also, they do better dives than you because they’re from New England.

Show Friday with friends!

May 23, 2011

We’re playing a show with our good friends in Spraynard, Criminal Culture, and Rickety Cricket this weekend. All of those bands are our friends. We’re really excited.

Also, Earth First! will be giving a presentation before the show, so that should be super cool.

You can’t make apple sauce orange sauce

May 7, 2011

This is a video of some of our best friends. They are about to leave for tour in 6 days. See them if you can.
May 13-14 Miami, FL – @ 305 Fest
May 15 Jacksonville, FL – @ Beavhive House Show w/Warms Hands
May 16. Atlanta, GA – @ Wonderoot
May 17. Clemson, SC – TBA
May 18. Greenville, SC – @ Suite 8 w/Rubrics
May 19. Rock Hill, SC – TBA
May 20. Charlotte, NC – @ Treasure Fest
May 21. Charlotte, NC – @ Treasure Fest
May 22. Wilmington, NC – @ The Soap Box
May 23. Durham, NC – TBA
May 24. Richmond, VA – @ House Show w/Weezer Cover Band!
May 25. Philly, PA – TBA
May 26. Youngstown, PA – @ The Future w/Crooked Teeth
May 27. Lansing, IL – @ House Show w/Like Bats
May 28. Indianapolis, IN – TBA
May 29. Nashville, TN – @ Little Hamilton
May 30. Birmingham, AL – @ God’s Butt
May 31. New Orleans, LA – TBA

In Sleeping Spiders news, this whole tour thing is really exciting. We’re so pumped to have so many nice friends and strangers(future friends) helping us out, and it’s turning into the best time ever already. Our Drummer is 10 days away from coming back from a broken arm, and we’re writing some new songs, and we’re really excited to share them with the world, and all that. That said, we still need a bit of help in a few places, and if you’ve got any info please share it. Here’s a list.

NYC/Long Island
Somewhere Between Boston and Pittsburgh
Cleveland/Columbus/Kent/Akron, OH
St. Louis

Other than that, this tour is looking really good, and we’re super duper pumped about it.
See you soon?

P.S. I thought we lived in a state that was cool enough to not try and push racist laws on people, amongst other things. Bummertown.

This song is so good.

April 4, 2011

Here are the lyrics in English, because this band was nice enough to translate their songs into 3 languages besides the one they sing in. AWESOME!!!!!!

The little revolutions assembly
Here and now begins
The Little Revolutions Assembly

In the beginning we’ll be scabs
In this long brains’ strike
And we’ll write songs with the list of the silenced words

A new era has begun
The Little Revolutions Assembly

All what you feel
All what you’d like to have

There’s none of us missing
In the Little Revolutions Assembly

Tells us what’s your idea to make us all different
Not who are you against, but
What are you ready to do

All what you feel
All what you’d like to have
Why resigning if what is offered to us
Is not enough?

A new era has begun, don’t fall behind
A new era has begun, nobody can stop us
A new era has begun, respect is the password

  • Upcoming shows

    June 21-July 13

    JUN 21 Atlanta, GA
    JUN 22 Asheville, NC @ The Get Down
    W/ Rubrics
    Old Flings
    JUN 23 Richmond, VA @Rock Garden
    W/ Run Forever
    Pedals on Our Pirate Ships

    JUN 25 Washington D.C.
    W/ Pahaa Verta (Finland)
    Ydinperhe (Finland)
    JUN 26 Philadelphia PA @ The Cracker Factory
    W CEASEFIRE!!!!!
    JUN 27 New Jersey
    JUN 28 Lindenhurst, NY @ The Sports Page
    W/ Sainthood Reps
    Crow Bait
    Shot Not
    JUN 29 Boston, MA
    JUN 30 Providence, RI @ Squid Amps
    W/ Sons of Young

    JUL 1 New Haven, CT @ Popeye's Garage
    End of a Year
    Football, Etc.
    JUL 2 York, PA/Binghamton, NY
    JUL 3 Erie, PA
    W/Rigged To Explode
    Shady Ave
    JUL 5 Sandusky, OH @ T(h)rash house
    W/ Robin Hood
    JUL 8 Chicago, IL @ Pancho's
    W Junior Battles
    Arcadia Hero
    JUL 11 Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton!
    JUL 12 Birmingham, AL @ God's Butt
    JUL 13 Hattiesburg, MS @1126 House
    JUL 15 Tallahassee, FL @The Farside

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